MSN Hotmail

Microsoft is a well-known company on the internet and in real life, as a technological company with line products that involve software and hardware almost in the same way, being the leader in local operating systems with Windows and productivity, chatting and entertainment software, as well as in the manufacturing of computers and other devices […]

How to use Microsoft Excel Online in Outlook

Nowadays, internet users have the possibility and advantage to use plenty of online services, covering almost any function and product of interest for people across the world. For example, if we need a calendar, a calculator, and a chatting platform and of course; email services, these are all available online and can be used without […]

How to use Microsoft PowerPoint Online in Outlook

At present time, service platforms offered by different internet corporations and companies like Microsoft, Google and Apple include series of products that allow the user to take advantages of useful benefits and advantages online; from email to personal cloud storage, video and music streaming, messengers and productivity, these service platform are imperative for users nowadays. […]

How to use the Calendar function in Outlook

Email services are considered quite common and almost mandatory at present time, as a way to send and receive messages especially from formal ambits of life as work and studies, in direct comparison to more informal method of communication that use internet, such as messengers and chatting apps. Since, emails are not considered nowadays just […]

How to use OneNote or NoteBooks online with Outlook

When it comes to internet services, Microsoft definitely stands out as one of the most relevant and influential companies around the world, offering a service platform like no other that includes plenty of useful and known products, being all of them conjoined to give a comprehensive experience by the use of one account only, in […]

What is Skype and how can we use Skype Web?

Without any doubt, communication is one of the most imperative and important services offered online through the internet, allowing people to stay in touch with anyone in an easy way and mostly for free. In fact, there are a lot of users that put communication capabilities of cyberspace first in relation to other functions, also […]

How to use formatting options to compose an email in Outlook

Emails are definitely one of the most important and used services in the internet, since thanks to their acquired formal approach of communication electronic messages are the preferred way for enterprises to notify their employees about anything; from congratulations emails to inform about meetings and important notifications, emails are the tool to use by the […]