MSN Hotmail

MSN Hotmail

Microsoft is a well-known company on the internet and in real life, as a technological company with line products that involve software and hardware almost in the same way, being the leader in local operating systems with Windows and productivity, chatting and entertainment software, as well as in the manufacturing of computers and other devices labeled with the Surface brand.

However, the strength of Microsoft has always been software and the offer of online services, as it proved back in the day with MSN Hotmail as a service platform that still remains active until today, gathering all the service platforms and products offered by the company in just one place, providing the user with a news portal and an official Microsoft Store, too.

In this way MSN for more than 20 years has become a recognizable and known brand related to Microsoft, as a portal with millions of users every day and available in many languages. Next we are going to be talking about MSN in terms of a little bit of its history, services available, advantages and other benefits Microsoft users can have through this service platforms.

The history of Microsoft´s MSN online service platform

msn hotmail

MSN is an abbreviation that corresponds to Microsoft Network, as an online service platform that was first released on August 24th, 1995 along with the launch of Windows 95. In the beginning, MSN included a news portal with different categories that remains alike at present day, offering also at that time Hotmail as the official email service provided by Microsoft.

In simple words, Microsoft have used MSN as commercial brand to promote and offer its services within a platform, including news and other useful information for the users. So, Hotmail was the first service offered through MSN, and then MSN Messenger would be added in 1999 and would become the most used messaging and chatting service globally.

Eventually, Microsoft would include services like MSN Search as search engine to find information and web pages online, MSN Virtual Earth for maps, MSN Spaces as online pages for users´ personal use, MSN Alerts for notifications, along with MSN Groups and MSN Direct.

In the year of 2006, Microsoft would reorganize almost all of its services under the brand name of Windows Live, being MSN Hotmail rethought and transformed into a content and news portal almost entirely, with options to access Microsoft services with an online approach until this day.

The same case would not happen with the Windows Live platform in terms of transformation, being cancelled in 2012 and all the accounts linked with Skype as primary chatting service. Also, Hotmail would become Outlook, MSN Search is now Bing and MSN Virtual Earth is known at present time as Bing Maps.

MSN portal and what it offers today

msn hotmail

MSN through its current domain has become a news and entertainment platform where millions of users can consult valuable information with local approach, showing relevant content respecting location and language of readers worldwide.

For example, MSN shows users updated news with impact on their location and in their own language, dividing the content in categories of interest for the readers to pick, including weather information in real time, entertainment and sports news, money and lifestyle content, health, food and drink, travel, autos and content in video.

Apart from the news, there are other wide sets of services that can be accessed through MSN, which are offered by Microsoft directly without the need of using other software, thanks to the possibilities web pages and advanced web browsers can deliver.

First of all, you will be able to access a full search engine to find any information or query you want thanks to Bing, empowering the search bar at the top of the MSN´s home page. And, right next to such search bar there is the “Sign in” button to log in and use any Hotmail or Outlook account and open session in every Microsoft´s service with just one credential.

Microsoft is a company that offers plenty of products online apart from its OS software and hardware lines, being Outlook the main service platform which conjoins the rest of the service through one account.

Throughout MSN, users can access Outlook and check their new emails and send new ones, with tools to modify text and attach documents in just one place. Also, users can open the online version of Skype to chat with their friends, without requiring any software or download whatsoever and offering almost the same benefit of the installable program.

With MSN can also access other services offered by Microsoft in real time, such as editing and creating documents in Office, which later can be saved in OneDrive as the personal and business cloud platform Microsoft provides its users, involving up to 5GB of free storage on its free version.

In this way, every document, email and content created will be saved on the cloud for protection and safe backup, including other paid plans with more storage, wider download and upload limits and other benefits.

Lastly, MSN offers the possibility to access Bing Maps and OneNote directly as platforms that can help you to move and locate destinations easily, as well as saving notes with important information on the go thanks to cloud options of OneDrive.

Other services integrated and available on MSN

msn hotmail

You can access other services in MSN to interact with other users and post comments on the news, thanks to the integrated services of Facebook and Twitter included in the platform where you can log in and use your personal accounts. Like this, the interaction becomes simpler and can be posted on your personal timelines at the moment of leaving a comment or opinion.

In this way, MSN results in a platform that can offer entertainment, valuable information and content of interest for the user in real time, as well as providing a set of services that can be very useful by the hand of Microsoft, being the majority of them delivered for free and without the need of other resources or downloads related.