How you can create and manage folders in Hotmail or Outlook

Outlook is the renewed email service by Microsoft, changing their platform from the Hotmail branding they kept for almost fifteen years. Now, Outlook represents a more intuitive and advance service in terms of security, features, functions and personalization like eve before, with the fastest email platforms in comparison to direct competitors like Gmail or Yahoo. […]

How to send emails, photos, videos or any file using Hotmail

Emails are of the most important tools we use on the internet these days, being a formal and informal way to communicate with people from all matters of our lives; from family and people we care to colleagues, work partners and even to stay in contact with our bosses and superiors, emails are imperative to […]

How to create an account, log in and sign out in Hotmail or Outlook

Hotmail is one of the most used email services in the world, thanks to its reliability, security and because the brand have been related with quality and cyberspace since the decade of 1990, when Hotmail was created and represented a revolution in terms of using an email platform online, completely free and designed to use […]

The history about Hotmail and its transformation into Outlook

Checking your email from virtually any computer, as well as mobile devices connected such as laptops, tablets or smart phones being anywhere, today seems something normal and quite common, which indeed it is. However, in the decade of 1990 things were quite different about using the internet, since it was not the service platform we […]

What is MSN and Hotmail

People may not remember how life was before the internet arrived and changed everything. With access to the internet came things like Windows 95, online encyclopedias,  websites, and most importantly, emails and instant messages. Back in the time, these things were a huge change, and nowadays they are still a very important and vital part […]