How to use formatting options to compose an email in Outlook

Emails are definitely one of the most important and used services in the internet, since thanks to their acquired formal approach of communication electronic messages are the preferred way for enterprises to notify their employees about anything; from congratulations emails to inform about meetings and important notifications, emails are the tool to use by the […]

How you can create and manage folders in Hotmail or Outlook

Outlook is the renewed email service by Microsoft, changing their platform from the Hotmail branding they kept for almost fifteen years. Now, Outlook represents a more intuitive and advance service in terms of security, features, functions and personalization like eve before, with the fastest email platforms in comparison to direct competitors like Gmail or Yahoo. […]

How to create an account, log in and sign out in Hotmail or Outlook

Hotmail is one of the most used email services in the world, thanks to its reliability, security and because the brand have been related with quality and cyberspace since the decade of 1990, when Hotmail was created and represented a revolution in terms of using an email platform online, completely free and designed to use […]